How to blog from Microsoft Word 2007


This posting I’m writing by using Microsoft Word publish to blog new and excellent feature. That’s how you are having the usual toolbar like the one you were using writing other word documents, on the fly spell checker, advanced possibilities to format look & feel of the text etc..

Illustration 1. Word ribbon blog post toolbar pad

Illustration 2. Word ribbon Insert toolbar pad


How to start making it ?

Very easy! There are two different ways:


Illustration 3. Converting of your already existing document by publishing it

Illustration 4. Creating blog post as a new document


Setting up blog provider (community server)

In both cases, in case you haven’t done it already you would be presented blog provider setup wizard which is fairly simple and straight forward so I’ll just put screen shoots to explain them

Step 1. Welcome screen

Step 2. Choose your blog provider type

(My blog provider is based on Community Server but more details about setting up other blog providers can be found on Office 2007 Blog Provider help section)

Step 3. Setting up CS provider details

(NOTE: path is something like <a href="http://%3cyourhostname%3e/blogs/metablog.ashx&quot; mce_href="http:///blogs/metablog.ashx”>http://<yourhostname>/blogs/metablog.ashx)

Step 4. Setting up picture options

(In Beta 2 you have to set up your FTP account data because CS is not supporting auto upload of pictures. Upload URL is the FTP path where the pictures should be stored and the SourceUrl is the http address where from the pictures should be loaded when browser request them)

Step 5. After that blog provider is been contacted

Step 6. And in case you have done it well, there is a Congratulations screen

And after that setting up the blog provider when you have done your blog post, publishing it is also pretty trivial:

Click on Publish button on ribbon

(In case you would like to publish only a draft click on a menu arrow beneath the publish icon)

You’ll be asked to provide your FTP account data

And then FTP transfer would start


But, there are some problems with it such as the one when the pictures uploaded are bloated to 200-300K even original one inserted in word were 20-30K. Then styles are not possible to be downloaded so Word is not rendering the post like it would look on the web

Summarized: very promissing tecnology for us bloggers but untill some *more final* version I’ll stick to my Microsoft Live Writter

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