How to blog with Microsoft Live Writer

Even blog server has a great WYSIWYG Microsoft, the best tool for posting is by my opinion Microsoft Live Writer, because it is a kind of smart client application which removes from you limitation of web world but also removes a need for copy & paste and the need for manual upload of pictures.

It is a one tool from upcoming Microsoft kitchen and it can be downloaded from Official live writer team blog address along with bunch a cool plug ins.

After download (~ x100Kb) is finished just install it and start it

As soon you try to create new post you would be presented next simple wizard to fill with blog provider data:

Step 1. Chose blog type (in case of blog server based blog chose another)

Choose blog type

Step 2. Setting your home page data

Step 3. Live Writer is analyzing your blog provider type

Step 4. Setting up the blog provider type

Step 5. setting the posting address (note that the highlighted text is only to be changed)


Step 6. Live writer is downloading blog style definition from blog server

Step 7. Setting up of Live Writer – Done!


Writing options

On the right there is a side bar with two important parts: Open/new part and insertation part

So when you click on Insert tags you are getting the dialog box for entering tags for the tag provider

You can set also blog server tag by clicking on the right top corner and choosing desired categories

After writing and tagging of your text has been done you can publish finished post by simply click on the publish button without any updating of the data

In case you would like to load & edit some already existing posting on your blog provider server just click on the Open button and you would be presented next screen


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