Commerce Server 2007 Limited Resources

I’m starting to get some speed with commerce server development, but the thing which had surprised me the most is a lack of real documentation (not even one book). That’s why my first post related to Commerce Server would be some start up clues where to start learning about it 


I’ve create a public page flake page which aggregates all the blogs I could find on Commerce Server 2007. Check it out on My Commerce Server 2007 Page Flake. As I discover more blogs I’ll add them there, so please check it out from time to time

Web Casts

Multi-Channel, Connected Commerce

Commerce Server 2007 Architectural Deep-Dive

Commerce Server Data Warehouse

Commerce Server 2007 BizTalk Adapters In Action

Developing with the Commerce Server 2007 Marketing System

Commerce Server 2007 Product Catalog Deep-dive


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  1. I’m absolutely shocked at how little documentation exists on Commerce Server 2007. The commerce server team needs to get the community involved and help get some books published on the subject. Even MS own site still links to Commerce Server 2000 information.

  2. A little late, but my Commerce Server 2007 book came out in May.…/book.htm
    Hope this helps

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