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Great framework design blogs

Krzysztof Cwalina

is leading the effort to develop, promote, and apply the design guidelines to the .NET Framework. He is a coauthor of Framework Design Guidelines (Addison-Wesley, 2005).

He has very large number of precious posts covering various subjects related to application framework design.

Link to Krzysztof Cwalina : Online lecture on API design

Brad Abrams

was a founding member of both the Common Language Runtime, and .NET Framework teams at Microsoft Corporation where he is currently the Group Program Manager for the UI Framework and Services team

Link to Brad Adamas: Code guidelines


Have to for every developer and solution architect  working on application framework level of development



VS Orcas: Unit Testing Trickling into Pro!

On my TDD presentation in Microsoft I had last week I couldn’t resist to spending last 10 minutes of criticizing Microsoft for shameless decision to make MS Test available only in VS Team Edition (read Pro edition + $2000). I really like MS but that is something I simply couldn’t accept having in mind that NUnit, NCover etc are freeware forever and do the same thing.

Therefore, I was REALLY happy to see announcements that Orcas release would offer unit test capabilities on Pro SKU level!

Kudos to MS on this decision!

From Naysawn Naderi original post

Due to popular demand we have decided to add the majority of the unit testing features of Team System to the Pro Sku of Visual Studio.  With the release of Orcas, the support for authoring, generating and running unit tests, will become available to the users of the Pro Sku of Visual Studio.

Source: Dev Oriented Testing and Other Ramblings : Unit Testing Trickling into Pro!


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Espresso Fueled Agile Development : Why Did I Go Agile? Part Two: TDD

Michael Puleio, one of the people from MS PAT team, we have to thank for Web Client Software Factory has an interesting post how he become TDD believer..

There is a piece of that post:

The test team took an initial look, and found a few environmental and configuration issues.  After ironing these problems out, which took a week, I waited for my testers to start filing bugs. 

And I waited…
…and waited…

Read more about what happened on: Espresso Fueled Agile Development : Why Did I Go Agile? Part Two: TDD



A Set of Unit Testing Rules

It is hard to give one and only answer what test IS in TDD, but Michael Feathers has a nice sets of test attributes which disqualify them from being “real one”

A test is not a unit test if:

  • It talks to the database
  • It communicates across the network
  • It touches the file system
  • It can’t run at the same time as any of your other unit tests
  • You have to do special things to your environment (such as editing config files) to run it.

    Tests that do these things aren’t bad. Often they are worth writing, and they can be written in a unit test harness. However, it is important to be able to separate them from true unit tests so that we can keep a set of tests that we can run fast whenever we make our changes.

  • Source: A Set of Unit Testing Rules


    It's show time!

    I don’t know about you but I already bought popcorn and block my outlook time for watching next web casts during this week

    How to Use the Web Client Software Factory
    Eugenio Pace
    March 21st 10am PDT / 17:00 UTC

    What’s New in Enterprise Library 3.0
    Tom Hollander
    March 27th 10am PDT / 17:00 UTC

    Using the Web Service Software Factory
    Don Smith
    April 5th 1pm PDT / 20:00 UTC


    J.D. Meier did together with Pluralsight security guru Keith Brown some cool

    Security related videos

    Paths, URLs, and Canonicalization – shows you how to avoid input and data validation security issues related to path validation.
    Cookies and Tamper Detection – shows you how to protect from cookie tampering issues.
    Cross Site Scripting – shows you how to protect from cross-site scripting issues.
    Regular Expressions – shows you how to use regular expressions to validate input and data.
    SQL Injection
     – shows you how to protect from SQL injection.
    ASP.NET Validation Controls – shows you how to use validation controls for input validation.

    and VS Team system videos

    Video: How To – Setup Your Source Tree in Team Foundation Server (Length: 10:02 – Size: 4.2 MB)

    Video: How To – Structure Your ASP.NET Projects for TFS (Length: 5:40 – Size: 3.8 MB)

    Video: How To – Migrate from VSS to Team Foundation Source Control (Length: 5:20 – Size: 3.4 MB)


    You could check out maybe also this one:
    Vikas published some beginners tutorials on various blocks of EntLib including Validation App Block.


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    Extreme Test Driven Development session

    The session was really an extreme one, because half an hour before presentation started Visual Studio 2005 C# compiler crashed on laptop I was supposed to use (thanks to one Cancel click on Resharper highlight hotfix install window). Then when the session started we discovered that projector won’t work with other PC we had. Luckily, Petr Mlynarcik, my colleague from Monster had a lap top with him which I borrowed and started talking. (People knowing me knows that all I need to do is start talking about coding. It is very hard later to stop  for me 🙂 )

    Presentation itself was ok (at least for me).. I spoke about problems in modern software production, how TDD can help with those probles. Then I made one web page MVP pattern example which I used in second mocking example. Because I didn’t have on laptop no NUNit tool (and there’s no public WiFi access in Microsoft building) I was forced to speak about writting tests and mocking without running them which made my task slightly harder.

    At the end I used presenter made by tests in second example to create a WinForm application which shared the same presenter as WebForm  application

    I also heard a lot of good questions and comments and it looks to me that there are a lot of space in Prague for TDD to spread its roots 🙂

    Slides and source code used can be downloaded from archive


    .NET Reflector Add-Ins


    Lutz Roeder posts word that he’s released version 5.0 of his (free) Reflector tool.  If you haven’t heard of Reflector, it’s truly one of the top 10 tools that every .NET developer must have.

    CodePlex host a page for a lot of different addons for reflector Link to .NET Reflector Add-Ins

    For every .NET Developer, HAVE TO


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    What would happen in 2020?


    Microsoft Research claims to know the answer 🙂

    Link to 2020 Science


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    Course Description

    Link to Course Description

    Microsoft Learning offers free two hour Ajax extensions training:

    Clinic 5230: Developing Enhanced Web Experiences with Microsoft® ASP.NET AJAX Extensions


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    Adobe edits the development cycle | Reg Developer

    Often I hear next comment regarding Agile methodology “It is ok but only for teams up to 20 people and into small scope projects”

    Adobe new VP of engineering introduced Agile in making Photoshop CS3 and guess what: it worked!

    Few bugs, few staying late in office, working on weekends…

    So, it is working in real world complex project


    More about the Agile in Adobe read here:

    Link to Adobe edits the development cycle | Reg Developer



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