It's show time!

I don’t know about you but I already bought popcorn and block my outlook time for watching next web casts during this week

How to Use the Web Client Software Factory
Eugenio Pace
March 21st 10am PDT / 17:00 UTC

What’s New in Enterprise Library 3.0
Tom Hollander
March 27th 10am PDT / 17:00 UTC

Using the Web Service Software Factory
Don Smith
April 5th 1pm PDT / 20:00 UTC


J.D. Meier did together with Pluralsight security guru Keith Brown some cool

Security related videos

Paths, URLs, and Canonicalization – shows you how to avoid input and data validation security issues related to path validation.
Cookies and Tamper Detection – shows you how to protect from cookie tampering issues.
Cross Site Scripting – shows you how to protect from cross-site scripting issues.
Regular Expressions – shows you how to use regular expressions to validate input and data.
SQL Injection
 – shows you how to protect from SQL injection.
ASP.NET Validation Controls – shows you how to use validation controls for input validation.

and VS Team system videos

Video: How To – Setup Your Source Tree in Team Foundation Server (Length: 10:02 – Size: 4.2 MB)

Video: How To – Structure Your ASP.NET Projects for TFS (Length: 5:40 – Size: 3.8 MB)

Video: How To – Migrate from VSS to Team Foundation Source Control (Length: 5:20 – Size: 3.4 MB)


You could check out maybe also this one:
Vikas published some beginners tutorials on various blocks of EntLib including Validation App Block.


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