The king is dead. Long Live the King!

Glenn Block, PM in P&P team just announced on his blog that there won’t be any future development for Smart Client Software Factory due to Acropolis and knock me down because I was waiting for V2 of SCSF so long to start doing my “uber” application and now when the wait is over, looks like I would have to wait more for Acropolis. I only hope that all the time I spent on CAB and SCSF would have some value while learning Acropolis

Definitely, Acropolis starts to be a Have To for all the smart client/ winform developers!

With the announcement of Acropolis, we currently have no further plans for SCSF releases.  That being said, our customers should rest assured that we are not dropping support for SCSF. We will continue to support the forums, provide fixes and assist customers in their implementations. Additionally the newly launched SCSFContrib project is an ongoing community effort to extend CAB/SCSF which will continue. We will continue to look at ways to help customers build smart client applications including providing pure WPF guidance as well as guidance for building Acropolis applications.

My Technobabble : Acropolis, the future of Smart Client


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