patterns & practices – Web Client Software Factory – Jump start

If you are interested in getting some jump start into the Web Client Software Factory wagon take a look at training materials used on P&P team workshop they did on WCSF

The p&p Client Team conducted a workshop on WCSF on March 12 & 13. Many customers asked for us make the workshops available so those that could not attend can take advantage of what we presented.

The zip file contains:
– WCSF Workshop Day 1.pptx
– WCSF Workshop Day 2.pptx
– Introduction.doc
– WorkshopExercisesDay01.doc
– WorkshopExercisesDay02.doc
– Solutions for each exercise
– Resources.pptx.

Or you could take a look at David Hayden nice blog which refers some code samples and screen casts

patterns & practices – Web Client Software Factory – Releases

One of the David Hayden WCSF blog post



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  1. I still didn’t get what this is about.
    Is it a Rails-like scaffolding framework for .net?

  2. Nikola Malovic

    No it’s not 🙂
    The factory is a kind of a way (set of templates, guidances etc) how to enforce following the best practices in design of ASP NET sites (MVP pattern, WF for page flows etc)
    To find the Rail-like  flavor of ASP NET you were hoping to find, I suggest you to check out the OSS Subsonic Zero Code DAL site which adds the ASP NET some of the Rail speed 🙂

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