SubSonic: The Zero-Code Data Access Layer

There’s ongoing war of the world between the Rails and NET developers. One of the strongest argument R/R group raises is how the development of typical DB oriented web sites is faster and easier. The Subsonic project is an OSS initiative to bring the Rail simplicity into the ASP .NET world. The web site on CodePlex had a very impressive 5 minutes feature demo video which I couldn’t find now on the new web site, but it has to be there.

Arm yourself for the next fight with R/R developers 🙂

  1. Trim hours from your DEV cycle. This not only happens because the code is generated for you initially, but it’s also maintained by SubSonic whenever you change your database.
  2. Gives you the option to go full-tilt OR/M, or use SPs/Views. We don’t want to tell you what to do, you already know best. We just want to help.
  3. Help your application build itself. With our generators (class, scaffold, and batch-class) your site can build itself in no time. The scaffolding will help you work with your data quickly.
  4. A solid foundation from which to extend. Our starter site comes pre-wired with ASP.NET membership built in, AJAX, full 3-column elastic XHTML theme, and user administration pages from which you can administer your site’s membership. That’s at least a week’s worth of work – already done!
  5. Get your project from idea to prototype in a fraction of the time. That’s the strength of this project – using our starter kit you can have a sharp prototype up and running in the merest fraction of what it used to take.
  • A Data Access Layer (DAL) builder that requires no code on your part, it builds itself at compile-time with a full object layer and strongly-typed collections
  • A complete utility toolset, complete with Rails-like scaffolding, migrations (DB Visioning), and code generators
  • A dynamic query tool, that lets you use SQL Server and the Enterprise Library without having to know SQL
  • An OR Mappers that extends to views and stored procedures so you’re not locked into the OR/M thing

SubSonic: The Zero-Code Data Access Layer

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