Try out Commerce Server 2007 for free without installing it

Installing of Commerce Server 2007 can be a painful thing (and it could take a lot of time), which is maybe a turn off thing in case of people wanting only to get a first glimpse of how Commerce Server powerful is or in case that you want to make a presentation about CS etc..

I plan to blog later about the fastest way of installing CS2007 (which would include tools, tips and shortcuts from Max Akbar and Wade Wegner) but for now I’ll present you the way to try out the Commerce Server without installing it at all

The process is simple, there’s no rocket science there but it works


1. Navigate to Commerce Server Virtual Labs

2. Pick some of the labs (I’ll pick for this example profile one)

3. Click Register Online

4. Log in with your Windows Live ID

5. Click Confirm

6. Click on “Click here to enter the Virtual Lab”

Lab ready to be started

7. In case you haven’t installed before “Virtual Server VRM” ActiveX component you would see this screen

Click on Install


8. When ActiveX You would be installed you would see the Lab Loading screen


9. When loading would be complete there would be a Start Lab screen


10. Click on start Lab and you would have a Fully functional 90 minutes Virtual Machine in your Internet Explorer:


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  1. Yes I have tried to install CS2007 on a vista sp1 machine, oh dear! All I am trying to do is see what CS does and should we use it in our business. Looks like MS don’t want anyone to buy this product. Why can’t I  see the SP2 starter site? Iam sure that his is a great piece of software. We are at a watershed and will be leaving our IBM ERP. Do we Go CS2007->MSbiztalk->MS CRM->Navision ERP, or do we e-commerce out of the box and buy SAGE ERP? Bye TC  

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