Acropolis Team Blog : Acropolis on the bench… P&P SCSF back on the field!

 Although I made a decision not to post any more news type of the post on my blog, this is something really exceptional.

I spent a lot of time in last year and a half learning CAB and SCSF and I was waiting till the May, 2007 SCSF v2 release so I could start doing a project I have on my mind for quite some time.

I’ve started working on it, but then in June Glenn Block announced death of SCSF. I was shocked, but after reviewing what Acropolis promised to offer I decided to sit tight and wait until spring 2008 and Acropolis release.

Today, on Acropolis team blog, they announced that they are moving Acropolis to “some future release” and that the good news is that P&P team announced working on “SCSF V3” – WPF composite client guidance.

I really have a lot of respect to the work P&P guys do and I spent already significant amount of time learning CAB related things, so on one way that is kind a good news for me, but on the other this really starts to make me very mad because I don’t see the long term strong vision MS has on developing smart client applications.

At least P&P team makes more regular releases and iterations. I guess some of those releases would take some of the UI goodies from Acropolis and enhance the SCSF to be more DEV friendly.

The one thing which made me sad the most is I am still in learning mode regarding the WPF while Glenn is looking now for WPF experts to contribute. What a dream endeavor that is and I can not even think about it… Argh! 🙂

WPF Composite Client, it’s coming!

Acropolis Team Blog : A new phase for the Acropolis project

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