Why am I doing it?

A couple of times I’ve been asked why I spend my free time blogging; what’s in it for me  etc..

I know this would sound maybe too naive but the most honest answer I can give on that is that I like explaining things I (think) I know and help people saving some of their time on the problems I already faced.

During the 2007 I had 4 x 3+ hours long sessions for Prague .NET Group on Test Driven Development, Enterprise Library 3.1, Design patterns in real world, Web Client Software Factory etc, with around 300 developers attending those. I’ve get a lot of great feedback from people attending them and most of my sessions were “sold out” very fast, a day or two after the announcement was made. To me that is a sign that all of my free time and energy spent on preparing those sessions are well spent and I intend to make more of sessions in 2008 (MVC.NET and Silverlight 2.0 are two I prepare currently) I intend also to make sure that those sessions would be recorded in future and available beside slides and source code.

I also started blogging about .NET architecture, development and test driven development  during the 2007.
I just did a quick “last 3 months” Google analytics figures check and I was literally shocked when I saw that I had almost 13.000 visitors with 20K pages.


I could never ever imagine so many people would visit my blog, send me comments emails etc. Thank you all for that!
(I know: Average time spent on site is not the best, bounce rate too, but hey – I just started blogging 🙂 )

What I am about to do in 2008?

First of all, I’ll spend some serious time in 2008 on improving my English grammar which currently sucks. That’s a promise! 🙂 

With (now dead) Acropolis project I become interested in WPF and with Silverlight 2.0 I become infested with WPF stuff, so expect in 2008 a lot of blog posts targeted to WPF, Blend and Silverlight 2.0.  WPF and Silverlight 2.0 for me are the things that would shake the grounds of Web development in 2008 and when this happens I am about to be there fully prepared 🙂

Another major thing I plan for 2008 is to start learning Ruby, primarily to learn how duck typing and other DLR concepts are influencing the .NET/Java architecture principles I am currently found of. I expect some significant upgrades on my understanding of building software concepts.

I also plan to start one or two CodePlex small scale open source projects, because I feel  that is also an important way of contributing to the community.

Last but not the least, I plan to continue doing my sessions here for .NET group, for the subjects I think are cool and useful.

Summarized: I’m satisfied with my 2007 contribution to the community, which is nothing monumental but enough to give me  an answer to myself why I am doing it:)


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  1. I feel that the information given will be here is very use full for me.
    thank you

  2. I wold appreciated if you could continue with TDD and another grate stuff which you started this year.
    And thanks for every blog post … good luck next year

  3. Your blog is full of design patterns, frameworks, architectures. This is something I need very much!
    How about some writeup on Composite UI Application Block as well? CAB is very lacking in resources on the internet.

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