Do you want to learn DDD in 10 minutes? :)

· I’ve been doing a lot of presentations in last couple of years and people attending them know how hard was to fit most of them to 2 – 3 hour time slot (big subjects – trying to get into details)

So, when Andrew asked me if I would like to be one of presenters and pitch some subject in 10 (ten) minutes max I accepted immediately because sounds so challenging (read: fun).

So, my subject I would be presenting is “Quick introduction to Domain Driven Design” which in case you are newbie won’t definitely “teach you DDD” but (I hope) would be of some help getting a grip on some key concepts which understanding I find VERY helpful while reading “the blue book”.

I’ll also give my best also to present it in a way which won’t bore you to dead so it should be fun experience even you are “not newbie”.

In case you want to find out more details about the conference and register for 2 hours of pure information injection, click here.


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  1. Sounds like a fun event, I'll be there!

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