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Using the entity framework POCO template with VS2010 RC (easier way)

A while ago Julie blog posted tutorial on how to use VS 2010 beta POCO T4 templates in VS2010 RC. While I found that post very helpful I had hard time following it and after a bit of playing I think I found easier way how to get POCO template working:

Here are n simple steps:

  1. Go to Announcing the Entity Framework POCO Template update for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and download the attached zip file (or click here)
  2. Unpack it anywhere
  3. Run the C# andor VB installer
  4. Open Visual studio 2010 RC
  5. Add a POCO template (New ItemCodeADO.NET POCO Entity Generator

Open the Model TT file being generated by T4 (No need to do anything in * file)

Update L15 of the generated file to be

	EntityFrameworkTemplateFileManager fileManager = EntityFrameworkTemplateFileManager.Create(this);

Original content:TemplateFileManager fileManager = TemplateFileManager.Create(this);

Update L678 of the generated file to be


It is originally fileManager.WriteFiles();

And voila – your T4 template is operational without the need to copy anything, no need for VS2010 b2 image files.

Please let me know (here on blog or on twitter @malovicn) if you would have any problems with this steps

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Knetlik conference was a lot of fun

Knetlik .NET conference is over – we had today several interesting presentations about different .NET aspects (ranging from Silverlight for Facebook to AOP PostSharp programming.

I was presenting “Quick introduction to DDD” and while I was trying to speak as fast as I could and to stay away from details and implementation I went well above 10 minutes. Not sure why not being able to present 37 slides in 10 minutes surprised me so much 🙂 Other then breaking the time slot, I am satisfied with the presentation – remembered most of the things I wanted to highlight and I guess slides were fun enough (I was using Roman empire as a base for analogies) to be remembered so I hope when some of attendees would start reading the DDD books they would have much easier job in understanding the basic concepts.

I was stupid enough to start Camtasia on my lap top, so I’ve uploaded here my deck just in case someone would need them once Andrew would publish the recording.

Prague Silverlight User Group (SLUG)

On the side note, but equally important I met several folks and local DPE, which shared my enthusiasm regarding the Prague SLUG (SiLverlight User Group) so that is definitely something which would happen in 2010.

So, if you are interested in SilverlightWPF development and leaving in Prague, please join the group I have created here: so you would be informed when the SLUG meetings would start and we might use it for group discussions too. See you there 🙂