Monthly Archives: May 2010

I am starting two blogs about accounting and eCom in Serbia

Shameless SEO plug-in for my new blogs 🙂

(This probably means that you don’t want to read rest of this blog post)

Recently I had more free time then I have it usually, so I’ve decided to spend some of my time blogging about a theme I was always passionate about: accounting applications and internet business in Serbia. I would be doing it on Serbian language because I doubt that anyone outside of Balkan would be interested in those topics.

I also started researching much more WPF programming which (together with Silverlight I’ve been practicing for some time) is a topic I think most of people are not very much interested in today’s web world so that’s where the blog silence on this blog comes from but I have collected over time descent backlog of post ideas (mainly around CAGPrism and the way I adapt it to my needs) which I plan to spit out in upcoming days on this blog.

Just in 0.01% case you would be interested in checking out my Serbian blogs (they do provide Google translate translations) here are the links: